About Kenneth Haney

???????????????????????????????Conroe, Texas-based Kenneth D. Haney has more than 20 years of leadership experience in management and corporate environments. The founder and chairman of Texas Air Shuttle, LLC, he utilizes his training in business and the air industry to oversee a company that will enable people in Texas to fly to major cities throughout the state. Prior to starting this endeavor, Kenneth D. Haney spent nearly 15 years in the United States Army, retired as an officer and a pilot, and won numerous awards, including the Army Achievement Medal and the Bronze Star. More recently, Ken Haney served United Airlines as a senior flight officer for over two decades.

Beyond his aviation career, Ken Haney has utilized his skills in other types of business. As the general manager and CEO of Kenbro Corp., he created three subsidiaries covering online office supply sales, prepaid phone cards, and flower delivery. During his tenure as the president and CEO of Rightway Computers, LLC, he sold top-of-the-line computers to the US military and negotiated contracts with vendors. During this period, Ken Haney also led Windgate Investments, a custom home development company, and in 2009, he established Earthcare Energy, which encourages the adoption of clean energy.


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